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3/6 -11 LanguageGames 1.4 released

Contains a new feature and a bug fix.


1/8 -12 VDJScrobbler 0.2.1 released

Contains a bug fix.


2/8 -12 LanguageGames 1.5 released

Contains a new feature.



A Java audioscrobbler for VirtualDJ




VirtualDJScrobbler is a program that scrobbles the tracks you play in VirtualDJ.


It uses the fact that VirtualDJ creates a tracklist file from the tracks that you play. The program has the ability to scrobble for many users, for example if you are multiple DJs or maybe even if you want to scrobble songs for your crowd.


The program uses the last.fm submission API to submit the played tracks to up to 50 different last.fm accounts (not actually tested due to the fact that I don't have 50 accounts available but the limit in the code is currently 50).


The program was created by Magnus Tingne, the original idea came when he was having a small rave in his apartment and wanted the songs he played to be scrobbled. After seeing that there were some interest in a scrobbler for VirtualDJ he decided to fine tune the program and release it to the public.


Note: This program has no affiliation with Atomix or VirtualDJ it just uses the tracklist file stored by VirtualDJ while playing. Nor does it have any affiliation with last.fm or audioscrobbler, it just uses their API.




  • Fix for issue 4, now any file containing the text "virtualdj" can be set as the VirtualDJ executable.


  • Added option to autostart VirtualDJ when starting VirtualDJScrobbler.
  • Added option to exit VirtualDJScrobbler when exiting VirtualDJ if VirtualDJ was started by VirtualDJScrobbler


  • New fix for the bug that I had thought I fixed in 0.1.1


  • Fixed bug where the log file grew to ridiculous sizes after using it for a while.


  • Fixed bug where users of XP couldn't start the program after the fix in the previous version.


  • Fixed bug where users of Win7/Vista who placed the program in a system directory (e.g program files) couldn't start the application due to write restrictions.


  • First release to public



 VirtualDJScrobbler @ Google code


 Download latest version of VirtualDJScrobbler