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• 3/6 -11  LanguageGames 1.4 released »

Contains a new feature and a bug fix.


• 1/8 -12 VDJScrobbler 0.2.1 released »

Contains a bug fix.


• 2/8 -12 LanguageGames 1.5 released »

Contains a new feature.



A translator for language games



Language Games is an Android application that lets you translate any text into one of several made-up languages.


With voice recognition and text-to-speceh you can talk to the phone and it will translate your words and say them back to you.


The application requires Android 2.1.


Currently it supports 5 different languages:

          • Allspråket
          • I-Sprikit
          • Pig latin
          • P-Language
          • Rövarspråket


For a definition of language games see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Language_game


Known limitations:

  • No support for special vowels, e.g. é, ë, à etc (except å, ä, ö). Thus the program will think these letters are consonants. This will affect translation to I-Sprikit.
  • No support for special consonants, e.g. ç, etc. Thus the program will think these characters are vowels. This affects Allspråket, Pig Latin and Rövarspråket.




  • Added voice recognition


  • Added suggestions based on previous translations

  • Fixed a nullpointer problem


  • Added "Send as SMS" possibility to translation
  • Added "Share" possibility to translation
  • Fixed a bug with TTS when rotating display


  • Added Text-To-Speech


  • Problem with uppercase when translating from Rövarspråket fixed


  • Fixed a problem with uppercase 'o' when translating from Rövarspråket


  • Fixed bug in regards to the letter Y, now Y is consonant when it's the first letter otherwise it's a vowel


  • Added ability to copy translated text
  • Added preference to choose if endings should be marked
  • Fixed bug where a leading "none-character" would cause application to force stop
  • Fixed bug where a word containing å, ä or ö and having a leading uppercase character would cause application crash



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